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From top left (to right): Kaitlyn Macaulay, Ron Ruanto, David Porfirio, Amaka Ume, Melissa Evans, Erica Goudy, Layla El-Sharkawy, Emily Boyd, and Lorena Aceves. Not pictured: Gina Weisman.

Moving Research into Practice (MRP) is a student-run group founded in spring 2011 comprised of exclusively faculty nominated students. MRP was formed as an honorary organization with the mission of bridging research and action through community partnership.  MRP is affiliated with the Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families housed in the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona.

Current Work:
MRP is continuing their research on depression among the college student population. To this end, MRP is conducting an extensive review of relevant literature with the intention of submitting a proposal to The University of Arizona’s Institutional Review Board. The final goal of this current project is a publishable empirical research article.

Past Work:
MRP completed a needs assessment regarding depression and suicide services available at The University of Arizona and in the broader Tucson, Arizona community. MRP surveyed nearly 2,000 University of Arizona students to assess feelings regarding the adequacy of depression services on campus, stigma associated with seeking services, and interest in additional depression services from which students would benefit. Data collected from the surveys was both quantitative and qualitative.

Additionally, MRP researched over 30 community mental health organizations that offer suicide and depression services in order to access the gaps in services currently available. MRP entered all surveys into SPSS and ran various statistical analyses. Qualitative results were thematically coded and used to add depth to the quantitative results. Results were then presented to the Project Lifeline Executive Board over the Summer of 2012.


Fall 2014 Members:

  • Kaitlyn Macaulay
  • Ron Ruanto
  • Layla El-Sharkawy
  • Melissa Evans
  • Joselin Lua
  • Karina Acero


Past MRP Membership... 

McClelland Institute

Family Link

Research Link


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