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R is a statistical software program like SPSS or SAS. Unlike these programs, however, R is a free, open-source code program. As licensing fees increase, many people are attracted to the “free” aspect, but “open-source code” is the most important aspect. Having access to the base program's code, hundreds of programmers and statisticians around the world freely donate their time to create “packages” that add to the functionality of R. As a result, R is able to perform all the functions of SPSS, SAS, MPLUS, Stata, AMOS, LISREL, and HLM.

More information and introductions on how to use R can be freely found here:

The R Workshop will be offered in multiple sessions that build on one another in terms of content and complexity. In total, there will be four sessions this fall. All sessions will be videotaped and the power point slides will be available to download as a pdf file.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

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