Crossroads Collaborative: Youth, Sexuality, Health, and Rights

The Crossroads Collaborative includes University of Arizona (UA) faculty, a postdoctoral research associate, graduate students, and youth-oriented community partners including, Eon/Wingspan, the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, Kore Press Grrls Literary Activism, Tucson Youth Poetry Slam, and YWCA Tucson. The collaborative is dedicated to advancing research, graduate training, public conversation, and ultimately social change in the area of youth, sexuality, health, and rights (YSHR). The Crossroads Collaborative aims to lead and engage others in an informed and productive dialogue around YSHR.

We seek to generate and enhance discussions at the crossroads between academic disciplines, researchers and community organizations, youth, media, experiential knowledge, and public advocacy and policy.

The Crossroads Collaborative brings together research from the Frances McClelland Institute, the English Department's Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English program, and the Southwest Institute for Research on Women


Research: To understand what and how young people learn about sexuality (in family, school, and new media contexts) – including the opportunities, constraints, and inequalities that characterize their learning – as it is implicated in their health and well-being (including emotional, physical, and sexual health and academic success).

Training: To train scholars to work collaboratively across disciplines, and with community and youth partners to conduct high-quality, policy-relevant research.

Communications: To inform (and change) local and national policies and practices for youth sexuality and health (including education in schools, through community programs, and development of new media and other resources for youth and their families). 

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