Fathers,Parenting, and Families

  The vision for the Fathers, Parenting, and Families
 initiative,  which is supported by an endowment
 from John & Doris Norton, is collaboration and
 advancement of knowledge around a set of shared
 research questions in the domain of fathers,
 parenting, and families.


The approach has been to ask fundamental questions about:

  •  Fathers' reproductive strategies and their influence on the sexual development and
     behavior of adolescents.
  • The social, cultural, and biological mechanisms that shape family life.
  • How relationships with fathers may be uniquely related to children's development and how father roles and effects may be shaped by, and in turn shape, particular mother, child, and family characteristics.
  • Mountain gorillas' family structure and parenting traits.

The ultimate goal is to launch an initiative that will become nationally recognized over time so that The University of Arizona, Norton School, and the McClelland Institute will be the center of expertise in father's, parenting and family research. The scholarly foundation of this initiative will be development of systematic, collaborative research capacity in fathers, parenting, and families, which will enable the launch and support of signature studies that will achieve growing importance over time. Complementing and extending this scholarly base will be an extension of classroom education and outreach efforts relating to fathers, parenting, and families.



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